Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of commitment is expected of me?  We need a strong commitment. The reason is because we progress quickly through topics, and each topic grows off of the last, which could make you fall behind if you miss more than one or two meetings. With such a brief period to meet, we don’t always have the ability to catch large numbers of explorers up.

  • What will we be doing?  As an Explorer, you will start by learning basic information about safety and protective gear. You will be issued gear and wear it for drills on the training ground. We will then branch off to Fireground operations such as search and rescue, fire attack with a hoseline, vehicle extrication with the “jaws of life”, forcible entry through a locked door, and everything in between. Every step of the way an advisor and other young men and women interested in this pursuit will be with you to mentor your learning and make it awesome!

  • What kind of Certificates can I achieve?  Within your first year as an Explorer you can expect to receive certifications for CPR, HazMat Awareness, and First Aid Buddy Care. Motivated Explorers have achieved EMT I and HazMat Technician certificates.

  • What if I play sports?  Great! We can accommodate a sports schedule but you must notify and get approval from the Lead Advisor so your absences will be accounted for.

  • How much does it cost?  We require a one time fee of $120.  This money is used for various training, insurance, and uniforms needs.  Yearly scholarships are typically available and different payment options can be discussed with the Lead Advisor.

  • What do I need to start?  The Post will provide you everything you need including a set of firefighter turnout gear and a uniform.  The only expense besides the enrollment fee is we expect you to buy your own shoes.

  • How much do the Advisors make?  All of the Advisors are volunteering their time. We enjoy teaching people about our profession, and often were explorers in the past.

  • Can I get school credit for attending the meetings?  Yes, you must see your school counselor for the necessary paperwork.

  • When are the meetings?  Meetings are held every Tuesday at the Anchorage Fire Department Training Center located at 1140 Airport Heights Dr.  Meetings start at 6:00PM and typically get over at 9:30.  We follow the ASD schedule, so when school is on break or cancelled, so are the meetings.